VIDEO: "Christie is as bad as the rest of these radical governors. Chris Christie is a disciple of GW Bush."


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Ed Schultz, thank you. I've spent post after post trying to expose Chris Christie for what he is:

Now Big Eddie is using his voice and getting the word out on national TV. This is why I am very happy that The Ed Show is coming back to weekdays:

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Ed Schultz:

Liberals, Democrats, you need to watch out for this guy right here.

He's like that big old fullback that is going to come right on up the middle and give you head fake and cut on off to the right every time. I guarantee you, he's going to do it.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the king of hoodwinking right now. He's the rising star of the Republican party.

Believe it or not, he's got some Democrats up there in the stand ready to change their jerseys. What the hell for?

People have been talking about Christie and the presidential run since the day he went into the governor's office. Finally, Christie is starting to show his playbook a little bit.

So tonight we are going to expose the real Chris Christie, the media darling of New York City, the media darling of the mainstream media: "He has done nothing wrong. He's really a moderate."

No. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

For reasons unknown to The Ed Show, some Democrats think that Christie is a big bipartisan hero.

You know what this guy has done? He walked with the President of the United States. He appeared with the president after Hurricane Sandy. What governor wouldn't do that?

He accepted federal disaster relief, that's the right thing to do as governor, along with every other Republican governor whose state has ever been hit by a hurricane. This makes him bipartisan?

A photo-op does not make Chris Christie bipartisan. Accepting disaster relief, which was the right thing to do, does not make Chris Christie bipartisan.

Don't let him fool you. Christie is as bad as the rest of these radical governors. He's no different than the rest of these radicals governors across this country who are trashing jobs and trashing programs to help the downtrodden in this country, who's attacking education.

In order to understand who Christie really is, it's important to remember. Let's remember, where did this guy come from?

Well, Chris Christie is a disciple of George W. Bush.

Full disclosure tonight, I'm going to play the race card, okay? So don't waste any breath or time or effort and say Ed Schultz is playing the race card . Yes I am because race is important. It is a very important topic. It is huge to this country if we're going to move forward we have to have these conversations, so I'm going to play the race card:

If the President of the United States acted the way this man acts in a crowd and acts the way he treats people, I bet that they would be calling President Obama an angry black man.

They would be saying that, well, President Obama's not acting presidential.

Do you think Chris Christie is acting presidential? Do you really think that this guy has the demeanor? He has the political moxy, I'll give him that. But does he have the demeanor? Does he have a "fly off the handle temper," the guy that you want to answer that 3:00 a.m. call?

Is he good to workers? No. Is he good to seniors? No. Is he a phony politician? Yes.