Memo to trolls who mocked weekend show: The Ed (Schultz) Show is coming back to weekdays!


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When The Ed Show moved to weekends, my Twitter stream was filled with gleeful trolls who were delighted with the idea of Ed Schultz's apparent inability to hold an audience on weekdays, so they assumed he got forced into accepting his Saturday and Sunday slots.

(FYI: Every time I use the hashtag #EdShow, the trolls swarm like subterranean termites, and they are some of the worst on the Twitter Machine.)

My response to these cretins was that his wife was recovering from a scary bout with cancer, so handling a daily radio show in addition to a daily TV show was a little much. Ed said he was happy with the move because it gave him a little breather.

But that didn't stop those nasty little tweets filled with pointing and laughing and assuming this was the beginning of the end for Big Eddie.

Wrong again, wingnuts. He's ba-a-ack. MSNBC:

The Ed Show hosted by Ed Schultz is moving back to MSNBC’s weekday lineup starting Monday, August 26.point and laugh ha ha

The Ed Show will air Monday – Friday at 5 p.m. ET. Hardball with Chris Matthews will continue at 7 p.m. ET. The announcement was made today by Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC. [...]

MSNBC Longform will fill the 5 p.m. weekends slot starting Saturday, August 31. Hardball with Chris Matthews will continue its weekday re-air at 2 a.m. ET on MSNBC.

The powers that be in MSNBC Land are concerned about one thing: Ratings. They clearly believe that Ed will boost theirs, and bringing his show back to weekdays will likely do just that. First-run Hardball shows will be seen in prime time only now.

Ed Schultz is a great spokesperson for labor unions and middle class workers, plus he's devoted to covering stories on public education and income inequality, among other injustices (voting rights come to mind). His voice is needed, like him or not.

I happen to like him.

  • bradbergstrom

    Anybody who has watched MSNBC for a while can see that Matthews is slowly and surely going insane. From gratuitously pointing out that his guest is smiling (god forbid) or claiming "we used to have a saying" (which is still a saying, which everybody knows) to claiming he "grew up during WW II" (the man was born in December 1945) to starting (with an utter lack of a sense of irony) segments called "Let me Finish" and then "Let me Start" (both of which he rarely lets a guest do!), one less hour of this annoyance will be welcome.

  • OK ~ somehow. I missed that. Thanks.

    And thanks to MSNBC. I'm so gratified that we'll be going to prison and being gifted with Caught On Camera, etc. instead of having to suffer through good shows.

  • From my post: "MSNBC Longform will fill the 5 p.m. weekends slot starting Saturday, August 31."

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Ed seems to be the only host firmly standing up for the American workers.
    Good for ED and smite the trolls.

  • Patti

    I think this is a very good move. I like Chris Hayes a lot and I agree with his politics but I think the decision to move Ed Schultz to the weekends and place Chris Hayes in his spot was not a good move. This new move makes so much sense. So welcome back Ed - back to where you belong.

  • Frances R

    Ha ha hardy har har! In your face, trolls! Ed viewers got him back on weeknights! Who needs 2 Hardball episodes. So happy, clappy.

  • Always liked Chris Matthews, but always wondered why he got repeated daily (most recently sandwiching Rev Al). Putting Ed back weekdays at 5 makes so much more sense. Now curious as to who will take Ed's weekend slot...?

  • shivabeach

    It's been a long time since I've watched MSNBC. Chris Matthews totally ruined it for me. But I will think about going back and watching Ed.