Once again, a judge blocks Pennsylvania Voter ID law...for now


voter suppression via Bill Day, Caglecartoons.com Via Bill Day, Caglecartoons.com

The Voter I.D. laws (or as I like to call them, poll taxes) that GOP-run states are implementing do not prevent voter fraud. Why? Because voter fraud is nearly non-existent, so what's to prevent?

But they do prevent voters from voting. Especially elderly voters.

And young voters.

And non-white voters.

And disabled voters.

And any voter unable to come up with enough money to buy an I.D. card or pay for a birth certificate request (should they be one of those Americans who never got one or lost theirs).

And any voter who is unable to find and/or afford transportation to an official Voter I.D. agency.

In other words, mostly Democratic voters.

That's called "voter suppression." Say it with me.

This is no secret. This is a fact that Republicans have openly admitted. Out loud. We all heard them.

You know who else heard them? A judge, or should I say, another  judge:

(CNN) - A Pittsburgh judge on Friday barred enforcement of Pennsylvania's voter-identification law for the Nov. 5 general election, as well as any election that may come before.

State Judge Bernard McGinley's preliminary injunction means Pennsylvania will again go the polls with no enforcement of the law - a different judge made similar ruling a month before the 2012 presidential election.

In fact, the controversial law has never been implemented; it has languished in a legal limbo since Republican Governor Tom Corbett signed the bill into law in March of 2012.