Immigration Fear Dispelled in Two Words: Robert Reich


immigration reform cartoon

Immigration reform, whenever our congress gets around to dealing with it, is a key to our economic recovery. That is, if fear and rumors don't squash it first. Leave it to those right wing, fear mongering individuals and groups to create myths, propagate them hoping that the masses will fall for it. They tried it with Obamacare and that's not worked.

Now they've moved on. They're attacking immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship. They hope this time their lies will be told and retold enough to make them fact. Sorry, truth doesn't work that way. When it's distorted, it's corrected. And lies can't be justified under the scrutiny of substantiated fact.

That doesn't mean people won't try. Deny climate changes, deny evolution, deny the benefits of Obamacare, but these truths are self-evident to sane people. When you start creating facts to fit the situation, be prepared for blowback by those who know.

Robert ReichOne such person is Robert Reich former Clinton Secretary of Labor. He dispels three major rumors, ginned up by the right about immigration reform. And he does it quickly and efficiently.

The three myths are:

1. Immigration strains government programs including Social Security and Medicare.
2. New immigrants take away jobs from native born Americans
3. We don't need new immigrants.

See for yourself, in under three minutes, why immigration reform is so very important for us.

It's time to start kicking some elected officials' ass and prime the pump. The people aren't going to wait any longer on a stalled congress to get their acts together. If they won't work together to do the job they were elected to do, the people might revolt with their votes and wipe the entire slate clean. Kick 'em all out, the few good with the many bad and start all over again. Maybe Romney did have something with his etch-a-sketch plan. Unless Congress acts responsibly and soon, let's kick their asses -- out of office. Dump the chump.

  • Yes, it is a fact that it's a slur. Nice try.

  • King David

    If they are "illegalls" why isn't everyone who breaks the law called an illegal. Why is this the only law that applies? Anyone who has ever speeded, jaywalked, etc. is equally illegal.

  • Abby

    You are correct there are many factors to wrestle with on whether this is good for the Mexican and American people, and how it has influenced workers and families and economies, but one thing I am certain of, too many people chasing too few jobs is undesirable. Thank you for your thoughtful response.

  • Abby

    and a fact.

  • juicyfruityyy

    I'm for Immigration Reform. If they are worried about jobs; maybe, they should stop shipping them overseas.

  • They're not "illegals." They are people. Perhaps you weren't aware that the word "illegals" is a slur.

  • Abby

    We were part of the "Zero Population Movement" in the 1970's, looking ahead to a crowded earth, and automation, when fewer jobs would have to support more people. The notion that providing citizenship to illegals was tried in 1986, the result was instead of granting citizenship to 3 million Mexicans, it brought us 17 million more. You and I cannot legally
    work in Mexico.