Happy Birthday Gottalaff!!


Happy, Happy to the bestest blog partner EVAH!!! Here's to happy days, quiet nights & all things good! Oh, and boysenberry pie.


  • Nice and quiet.. the way I likes it, Memers!

  • Wowser! Sounds perfect Memer!

  • I did, Memo, I did!! Lotsa sushi and Afghan cuisine and my twinsies and Mr. Laffy and stuff!

  • Did you have a nice birfday?

  • ThankEEEE Memo! I lerve this! And thank you to everyone else! <3

  • InTheGazebo

    Happy Birthday, Gotta.

  • Jason Rowe

    Many happy returns! Lerve you, always....

  • Happy Birthday Memers! Have a cake!

  • Gracias! xo

  • Linda1961

    Happy Birthday GottaLaff!

  • Thank youuuuuu!

  • Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe, Laffy! So glad you're back up on Facebook 🙂

  • PIE!!!!!!

    Thank you to the other bestest blog partner EVAH!!!