Michael Steele Yourself Away



Michael Steele isn't one of my favorites, but when he hits it out of the park, he deserves the "Back,back, back... it's gone!" shout. Good for you, Michael. Now what are you going to do about it?

He's rightfully riled because Rep. Blake Farenthold, a Texas Republican, told a town hall filled with constituents that he could have the votes to impeach the president “tomorrow” in the House, but it would die in the Senate.

It's nice to see Steele, the usually biased but level headed former RNC chairman put partisanship away and face reality. When he isn't playing a Republican on TV, he's just a regular guy and he's not only quite likable but also very intelligent. And he can be a pleasure sometimes to listen to.

That makes him a minority (in more than one way) in his party. And with his eyes on an elected office from Maryland, it'll be interesting to see if he uses his pulpit for more than just talk. Let's see if he gets through to his party better than his heir, Reince Priebus.