"And Hell Followed With Her: Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border"


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Please meet an amazing writer and investigative journalist, David Neiwert, who has just published And Hell Followed With Her: Crossing the Dark Side of the American Border. I was fortunate enough to make David's acquaintance at Netroots Nation and immediately fell in like. He has put together an amazing case about what's happening at the border, one that needs to be a part of the immigration debate.

The very idea of immigration reform has made right wing extremists more extreme, and big mouths like "Big Melon Calf" Steve King even bigger-mouthed and more crass. The hysteria created in Washington and the frenzied fear-mongering by the likes of Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh, not to mention the tea party mentality of those who frantically thrive on spreading misinformation, are a dangerous mix that will lead to more violence. The following case, and the people behind it, need to be understood. David Neiwert provides that understanding.

I've been provided a brief synopsis:

It began with a frantic 911 call from a woman in a dusty Arizona border town. A gang claiming to be affiliated with the Border Patrol had shot her husband and daughter. It was initially assumed that the murders were products of border drug wars ravaging the Southwest until the leader of one of the more prominent offshoots of the Minutemen movement was arrested for plotting the home invasion as part of a scheme to finance a violent anti-government border militia.

And Hell Followed With Her: Crossing to the Dark Side of the American Border is award-winning journalist David Neiwert's riveting account of the life and death of America's Minutemen--and the terrifying story and psychology of movement leader Shawna Forde. A compulsive and brilliant portrait of cold-blooded killers and true believers, And Hell Followed With Her is at once a horrifying crime story and a frontline report on America's nativist foot soldiers.

Here are some of his most recent pieces in Salon about the border and the immigration debate.