Zoltar Predicts



Hey, when it comes to predictions, who better than Zoltar?

Kreskin you might suggest?

He's retired. But the man who should retire yet still is going strong is Chris Matthews. He's flexing his bat crazy wings going out on the limb to tell us what he sees in the future. Well, the Republican future anyway. Watch the clip and see for yourself. Now remember this is the guy who predicted Hillary Clinton for the Democrats in 2008 (off by just a hair) and also Rudy Guiliani for the Republicans.  That was just before he was predicting Mike Huckabee and suggesting it could go to Rick Perry.

Ah, there's nothing like a tingling sensation up your leg as a sign of the future. So when Chrissie speaks, lots of people listen. The intelligent one's don't put much stock in it though. Chris's predictions run at about 40%. That's a star in baseball, but a failure in political punditry. Nate Silver, he ain't.

The problem with Tweety is that he believes others and not himself. There's no doubt that Rand Paul is a contender. But he's so flawed that even the Republicans can't back him with the exception of the far, far right. Now many people are willing to say that's the area of the party you have to appeal to for a chance to win the nomination.

As true as that may be, when the Republican debates begin, so will the mudslinging. Paul's ridiculous stands on immigration, the economy, social security and national security are going to be picked apart. Even supposedly moderate Chris Christie whose about as popular as leprosy with the Tea Party faction was able to crush Rand Paul in their tete a tete recently. It wasn't a case of the bigger man winning, it was a case of Paul being far astray from mainstream thinking. His hypocritical stand on "gimme, gimme, gimme" is just the beginning. When he proposes weakening national security while stripping women of their reproductive rights, you come across as this sketchy, indecisive guy. I predict Rand Paul is going to become the invisible man after the New Hampshire primary.

So, Chris Matthews, you go on predicting all you want, but I'd stick with a sure horse in this race. It's Clinton running from the Democrats and she'll wipe up any candidate that the GOP puts in her way. You don't stop a runaway train, you wait until it loses its power on it's own. Hillary ain't running out of steam any time soon. And when fossil fuels run low, she'll show her foresight with solar power on her back.

Now if you want to make a long shot prediction to go along with your call on Rand Paul pick, look for Ms. Clinton to make it an all-female ticket by adding Elizabeth Warren to the bill. She's the financial and economy expert and Hillary has the foreign affairs area covered very well. Joe Biden was picked by Obama to enhance his bona fides in foreign affairs. Hillary will do the same and build Warren's national profile. It's called building the future with long term planning. Two bright women, an insider and an outsider running against two male, white, aging Republicans with no plan for the future except having no plan. That was Romney's playbook. There's no reason to think that the GOP will change in 2016. Remember, in the face of huge defeat, the Republicans put the same management team back running things -- Reince Priebus and company. Old and the same will give us old and the same.

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