Reince Priebus, Pants Down


priebus - crowley

Reince Priebus. I just love writing his name because it means l'm laughing inside. Not because of the unusual name. That's unfair. It's because he's generally a joke.

Recently I wrote about the outrageous threat he made that he was going to pull the RNC's support from NBC and CNN from involvement in the 2016 presidential debates if those two outfits went ahead with a proposed movie (starring Diane Lane) and a documentary, respectively. He was adamant and of course, full of bluff.

Then, after a bit of journalistic research by the New York Times, it came to the public's attention that the film version was going to be produced by -- wait for it -- Fox Television. Yup, the same Fox TV that is a sibling of Fox News. They share a common parent -- Rupert Murdoch.

Well, if that don't beat all. My goodness. Here's Fox News' boy wonder, Reince Priebus, threatening a boycott of his own mouthpiece. Doesn't that go into the cutting off one arm because you only have one glove category? Guess that's got to make you sound kind of silly.

But, if you're name's Reince Priebus,sounding silly is a given. How can he extricate himself from this babble? More babble. Here is a clip from MSNBC's Morning Joe where they share Candy Crowley of CNN fame interviewing Reince Priebus of NRC fame as she puts that very question to the RNC chairman.

As you'd expect, hilarity ensues.

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