Mayor Bob "sex therapy" Filner's law firm's name says it all


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As Paddy noted, San Diego Mayor Gropey McLickFace has completed his "voluntary" sex therapy earlier than expected.



The Los Angeles Times has the whole sordid story here, explaining that Bob Filner will be taking "some personal time" and will be unavailable for comment. I can't even begin to imagine-- nor do I want to-- what "personal time" means to that creep.

The official statement was provided by the law firm that represents him.

And the name of that law firm? Drum roll...


Payne & Fears.

Yes, that is the name of the law office "assisting Filner's defense against a sexual harassment lawsuit."

The fourteen (and counting) women may want to hire the firm "Comeuppance, Clobber, Mortify, and Drub."

  • Virginia Adams

    Laffy, love the proposed atty. group--LOL! Still laffing!

  • James Wilkinson

    "No joke." Maybe, but even the best Hollywood screenwriter couldn't make this stuff up. And he continues to deny. And hold office. And people apparently still want to shake his hand!

    We are finished as a country. I have had my fill of Mayor Filner Filanderer.

  • Sandy Knauer


  • fabucat

    God, dude needs to retire. Or leave this mortal coil.

  • Carla Akins