Fancy Farm Bloodbath


Fancy Farm Picnic

Nothing like a little get together to start the political show going for real in Kentucky. The U.S. Senate contest kicked off this weekend at a 133-year-old church picnic, called the Fancy Farm Picnic in this tiny western Kentucky town. And there wasn't much there to call fancy, but it sure looked fun.

Tradition dictates that the state’s office seekers show up at this raucous rural affair to chop some barbecue, stand before a heckling, badgering crowd and endure a bluegrass band that rudely plays them off the stage if they speak for more than their allotted time.

This year, the ritual was more than ceremony – it represented an important front in the battle to control the legislative agenda in Washington. The Senate’s top Republican – minority leader Mitch McConnell was on display, as were his two challengers, Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes and tea party businessman Matt Bevin, who is challenging McConnell in the GOP primary.

And they didn’t hold back in their attacks on the incumbent. Morning Joe caught some of the Mitch McConnell opposition in action.  I agree with Joe on one thing -- Kentucky bluegrass may be red these days, but it's red with Senator McConnell's blood.   Check it out.

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