June trade deficit narrowest since ’09, exports hit record high + VIDEO: Budget deficit shrinking #BlameObama


chart maddow budget deficit 2013 shrinking

Via a Fox Biz email alert, so you know it's true, right?

The Commerce Department reports the U.S. trade deficit fell to $34.22 billion in June from $44.1 billion in May, much smaller than the $43.5 billion deficit economists expected. Imports slid 2.5%, while exports jumped 2.2% to a record high.

President Obama is the worst socialist ever. It's clearly because of his Marxist Kenyan gay upbringing which, of course, drove up the ENORMOUS budget deficit!

Oh wait:

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Eric Cantor:

What we're trying to do is fund the government and to make sure also that we take away the kinds of things that are standing in the way of a growing economy, of better health care, and all the while keeping our eye focused on trying to deal with the ultimate problem which is this growing deficit.


"Our ultimate problem, which is this growing deficit." The deficit is growing. Do we have a growing deficit? Is that true or false? False.

Republicans love the idea that our Democratic president is so spend happy that he's driving up our nation's budget deficit! That the a difference between what our government takes in and what it spends is getting worse, the deficit is getting bigger! That is not at all true.

Look, the first bar here is 2009, that's President Obama's first year in office. That's what he had on his hands when he came into office, what he got handed by the outgoing Republican administration.

Then the next three bars are 2010, 2011, 2012 and the final bar, the teeny tiny one, little shorty there, you might miss it on the right, that's the projected deficit for the end of this year.

Notice that the bars are getting shorter? Which means the deficit is getting smaller. You see, when things were once long become less long, they are not growing. It's amazing, right?

Eric Cantor, you are incorrect.