CNN misspells host's name on promo for their new "Crossfire" show


use spell check

cnn misspells Stephanie Cutter's name on Crossfire promo

Stephanie "Cupper"? Oops.

Maybe CNN should have misspelled S.E. Cupp's name as S.E. "Cutt" just to compensate.

stephanie cutter

Come on, CNN, if you're going to push a new show, at least proofread your copy. We all make mistakes, sure, but promoting a new series means putting your best foot forward, not putting it in your mouth.

At least they got it right a couple of weeks ago, here. Ironically, a year ago, CNN caught the Romney campaign making a spelling error and wrote it up: Romney iPhone app misspells 'America' to Web's delight.

And of course, there was this memorable Jon Huntsman Moment: Huntsman Campaign Begins with Misspelling His Own Name.

Okay, fun time over. No I couldn't resist, yes I'm mentally twelve years old (so are CNN's editors, apparently). Now back to more important stories.