Worried about non-existent voter fraud? Fine. Make Voter IDs free and easy to obtain.


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The Los Angeles Times put out an editorial today called "The Voting Rights Disaster." "Disaster" is an understatement. Weakening the Voting Rights Act was a punch in the gut to democracy, to civil rights, especially to minority voters, the elderly, younger voters, and anyone who can't afford transportation to providers and the costs of accessing a Voter I.D. card.

As soon as the Supreme Court ruled, Republican-run states sprinted toward passing strict Voter I.D. laws that would make it very difficult, if not impossible, for thousands-- maybe millions-- of Americans to cast ballots. No wonder Atty. Gen. Holder is challenging states on voting rights.

And those voters tend to support Democrats. No coincidence there.

The L.A. Times:

It is worth exploring whether the notion of "covered" states should give way to a nationwide system requiring pre-clearance whenever a court is convinced a state has adopted laws or procedures that have the effect of discriminating against minorities.

Finally, Congress might want to specifically address the issue of photo ID. There is ample evidence that such identification requirements disproportionately inconvenience not only racial minorities but poor, elderly and younger voters as well. On the other hand, photo ID requirements are popular ... It would be consistent with Congress' responsibility under the 14th and 15th Amendments to enact legislation requiring states that insist on photo IDs to make them free and easy to obtain.

... [P]re-clearance provisions also have prevented states from engaging in subtler forms of discrimination such as the drawing of district lines that prevent minority voters from electing representatives of their choice. The result has been the increase in minority political participation that (ironically) the Supreme Court cited in striking down the law's coverage formula. Congress must not allow that progress to be reversed.

"Make them free and easy to obtain" has been my mantra for years. We Dems have nothing against requiring proper identification. What we find so unjust is making mandatory identification tantamount to a poll tax.

  • sharonsj

    And you don't understand that Boobus Americanus is completely dense and unable to fathom that voter fraud doesn't exist. I have researched every claim of voter fraud and found it is virtually non-existant. You find there are less than a dozen cases out of populations of 10 million or more. Many of the cases are fradulent absentee ballots--which voter I.D.s will not prevent. Other cases are people filling out the voter registration form wrong or felons thinking they still have the right to vote.

    In every blog/comments section, where I post the facts, people don't give a rat's ass and insist fraud exists. The actual facts don't fit their ideology and agenda--or what they've been told on Fox or by any conservative talk show. And as long as our national media is corporate run, this country will remain dumb as a doorpost.

  • Tahoeprogressive

    Great concept that probably will be fought tooth and nail by the red states which are trying to disenfranchise minority voters. Shame on them.