What Do You Do?


Mitch McConnell2

Here's the situation -- you're lagging in the polls and you're an incumbent seeking re-election. Your party is in control of the house and you've been relatively successful so far in stiffing the senate, in which you lead the opposition party. Confidence in Congress is at an all time low. Jobs and the economy are the most important issue to America at the moment. You're perceived to be anti-women. Anti-minority. Anti-immigrant. Anti-poor.

What do you do? Well, it depends on who you are. If you're Mitch McConnell, here's what AP says is on your mind and coming out of your mouth:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A measure awarding generous funding to road and bridge projects, community development grants and housing help for the poor is running into stiff Republican opposition in the Senate.

The bill appeared likely to fall prey Thursday to a filibuster by Republicans unhappy that the legislation breaks through budget limits required by automatic spending cuts known as budget sequestration.

“Voting for appropriations legislation that blatantly violates budget reforms already agreed to by both parties moves our country in exactly, exactly the wrong direction,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said.

Now I'm not an elected official. I just elect them. So maybe what I'm about to say is against my best interest politically, but it's advice to the senate minority leader. Go against your instincts. As Firesign Theater famously recorded and performed in the early '70s, "Everything You Know Is Wrong."

And that is right. Every point you're fighting against is wrong. While you're thinking about it, grab some fanny guards and put them on -- you're about to be bitten in the ass.

bite my ass

Just when America needs it the most, you're about to turn out the lights. Our infrastructure is deteriorating. Many of the roads and bridges pre-date Eisenhower. Our poor, because of low minimum wages or no jobs at all are struggling for a place to live off the streets. Or worse yet, safe bridges to live under if you're not going to provide the funding for jobs.

I'm sure the new minority leader in 2014 will be someone with more understanding and perhaps even more respect from your own caucus. You're seat is going to change color and the Democrats can thank you for one main reason. You are one selfish SOB who is guilty of tyranny under the definition used by the framers of the constitution. Tyranny is defined as harsh, absolute power in the hands of one individual. That's you, Mr. Minority Leader. And you know how they used to deal with that?

hangman's noose

You took the job, Mitch. Now the voters of Kentucky are ready to  make you hang for it.