Video Overnight Thread- Peter Capaldi is Introduced to the World as the Next Doctor Who!


Who knew? I was rooting for this guy.


Aneurin Barnard.

  • mellowjohn

    i was holding our for rand paul, myself. the combination of weird hair and crazy eyes could be devastating as the new doctor.
    that said, if some malcolm tucker sneaks in, it could take doctor who in a whole new direction. like "doctor who the fuck are you?" (said in a very scots accent, of course.)

  • lsamsa

    Nah...I'm the same...we just know what we like, no matter our age. 🙂

  • Paddy

    I was going to say how nummy he was until I saw his year of birth. Oy, Not quite a grandson, but def son material agewise. I am a sad oldish woman.

  • lsamsa

    They should have listened to you Paddy...wholeheartedly agree!