"Liking" Isn't Helping. Be A Volunteer. Change A Life.


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How many times a day are we solicited to give a "like," a thumbs up, five stars, a h/t or some other form of acknowledgement? But really, what does that all mean?

Nothing, unless you do something about it. Follow it up with your actions.

Thanks to a site called Upworthy, a perspective was shared with me. Instead of giving them a "like", I'm giving you a thought and a challenge. Here it is in pictures:

like 1

Here's another:


Starting to think?

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I know you got the message by now. Please pass this around. We need activism, not just thumbs up and a "like." But a like is always appreciated - just more meaningful when it's followed up by action. Have a great weekend everybody. I'll be here. Drop on by.