Enticing customers to mix guns and booze isn't paying off: LivingSocial is "in hot water."


guns and drinking deadly combo

The Gun Truth Project partners with the LivingSocial/DyingSocial campaign. The report that details LivingSocial's deals, with examples, is here.

And I posted about it here: #DyingSocial: LivingSocial must stop mixing assault weapons and alcohol:

CREDO has a press release I’d like to share with you. Bolding is mine:

The online deal site LivingSocial is promoting gun deals, including offers involving assault weapons, by urging their customers to visit shooting ranges and drink alcohol – all in one go. CREDO today launched a campaign urging LivingSocial to drop all deals on guns. [...]

86 percent of gun murders are committed by people who were drinking before they opened fire.

CREDO is recommending that:

LivingSocial should stop helping the gun industry by offering deals on guns or at gun ranges, or any other kind of shooting event.

LivingSocial should never offer packages that combine drinking with shooting or any other dangerous activity.

Wait. What's that I hear? I believe it's the sound of being put in one's place.

Offering consumers the opportunity to mix guns and alcohol has now "landed LivingSocial Inc. in hot water" with a group that approved a big tax break for them.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

In one example of a LivingSocial deal combining guns and alcohol, consumers were invited last year to purchase a $130 adventure kit including a trip to a shooting range in Michigan from downtown Chicago, followed by eight tastings of wine, beer or liquor at a nearby winery.

Great idea. Brilliant. Genius! Intentionally combining drinking booze with gun use always ends so well.

So a DC councilman sent a letter asking for a halt on deals combining shooting range excursions and alcohol:

LivingSocial spokeswoman Sara Parker said the company never received a letter from Councilman Mendelson requesting it to stop running deals involving both gun ranges and alcohol. What’s more, she said LivingSocial hasn’t run any such promotions in more than year. [...]

If the company has decided to stop running combined shooting and alcohol deals, it would be “great,” he said, but “it’s a little too cute to say they discontinued this over a year ago. When I sent the letter in the middle of July it was after I was approached by the advocacy group that brought this to our attention. They showed me ads that weren’t a year old.”


LivingSocial reported operating losses totaling $1.3 billion over the past two years.

The title of the WSJ piece says it all: "Guns and Booze Become a Daily Deal Headache For LivingSocial."