She Wasn't Raped Because He Didn't Orgasm


usc trojans

Ever wonder where schools come up with their mascots or team names? If ever the crime fits the name, here it is.

Here's what a female student was told recently when she reported an attack: It wasn't a rape because the attacker (male) didn't orgasm. Did you know that was part of the definition of a rape? I didn't.

...campus police had decided she wasn't raped because her alleged attacker did not orgasm, the Huffington Post reported Monday.

"Because he stopped, it was not rape," she was told, per the complaint. "Even though his penis penetrated your vagina, because he stopped, it was not a crime."

Now before you go asking why this was being handled by the USC Campus police and not the LAPD, you have to understand something that I just learned. LAPD are prohibited by law from entering onto state university campuses where the school already has a security force. Think of it as a Native American reservation. Local police do not have jurisdiction. Campus police do. Because USC is not part of the state program, they have entered into their own agreement with the local police. It is general practice for the campus police to investigate and then if they determine it's necessary, they'll call LAPD for assistance and potential apprehension of the suspect.

Okay, now that the technicality is out of the way, "what the 'F'?" Here's something to raise more than your eyebrows. It makes you want to puke.

The campus police did not refer the student's case to the Los Angeles police department.

Another student, according to the complaint, was told by the university Department of Public Safety that women should not "go out, get drunk and expect not to get raped" when she tried to report a rape.

What kind of campus is it where women can be expected to be raped? What is this, the military? We have tons of problems on our bases. Does the same thing exist on our campuses? This demands more attention. Please share your thoughts.