News Making Nudes in C-Sharp


Amanda Palmer

I love music. And I love parody. When you mix them together, you can end up with with clever and witty, or stupid and sh##ty. Amanda Palmer is someone who can pull it off, as well as take it off as you'll see in this video.

If you don't know Amanda, suffice to say she has the voice of a Katy Perry and the attitude of a Janis Joplin or Bette Midler. She rose to fame as the lead singer in a group called "The Dresden Dolls." She grew up in my very own Massachusetts, so I can't help be be partial to her wonderful song stylings. She's the kind of girl I knew and went to high school with. She can and will say and do just about anything, so watch yourself.

She is clearly not a woman to cross. After the Daily Mail claimed she had "made a bit of a boob of herself" with a Glastonbury "wardrobe malfunction", the singer got her own little revenge  by writing a song mocking this sexist, misogynistic rag.

Palmer proclaims during her performance below that "The Daily Mail clearly don't know who I am if they're writing a story about my breasts being exposed," pointing out that her "entire body had escaped" on stage in the past.

Amanda, you're my hero. You sure showed them, and us, how stupid it can be to write about the shock and horror of an unintentional flash of skin--  and you did it with the acrid bit of wit and intentional fun your fans have come to expect. I'm with you, sister. Thank you for such a fun, bawdy performance. As she point out, Mick Jagger can go without a shirt and they write about his concert and performance. She accidentally flashes a boob and all they write about it here boob. Well, now there's more to write about. Amanda makes a stand against debasing women -- and oh what a stand it is.

Caution: Nudity.