Big Upchuckin’ Week


reagan separation of church and state

Please welcome back guest blogger K.C. Boyd. You might remember her from her earlier posts. You can link over to her site here for the entire post. It’s well worth a look, because I left out a lot of great upchuckable stuff:

Another Upchuckable Week - the place where religion meets your rights – by K. C. Boyd

The Weekly Upchuck


  • Next Up-Chuck: The Supreme’s Next Big Abortion Decision ‪  
  • Nightmarin’ the Young-Chuck: Parents who visited the North Dakota State Fair last weekend were outraged to find their children had been given squishy toy fetuses without their permission.
  • Back Alley Blues-Chuck: Abortions to end at Green Bay clinic.
  • N. C. Two-Step-Chuck: North Carolina governor signs Texas-style anti-abortion bill.

Courthouse Blues

  • Tennessee Two Step-Chuck: Judge Refuses to Halt Prayer at Government Meetings In Tennessee [...]


  • It’s Not Rocket Science-Chuck – Oh Lest We Forget-You Don’t Believe in Science-Chuck: Ignorance leads to teen pregnancy, unwanted/uncared for babies and/or abortion. [...]


  • Dog-Whistlin’-Chuck: “ I don’t really care for the word tolerance . . . What ultimately matters in our lives is that we’re salt and light in the world and that we’re honoring God in the things that we do every day.” ‪   [...]

Gay Rights


  • Up-Hagee-Chuck: Who Is John Hagee and why does he matter:
  • Uh-Oh-Chuck: Christian/conservative watchdog organization, questioning Hagee’s Christianity, criticizes him for banning Jesus’ name in his CUFI meetings.  [...]


  • Montezuma’s Revenge-Chuck: The United States Marine Corps Officially Declares ‘Lack of Spiritual Faith’ as a Sign of Instability  [...]

Legislators and Their Legislation

  • Son of Sam-Chuck: Ted Cruz’s Father Tells Him ‘God Has Destined You For Greatness’ This from a man who said the Declaration and Constitution were ‘Divine Revelation From God’