"No atrocity/crime trumps my gun rights." Well, no gun rights should trump MY right to stay safe/alive.


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Today's Los Angeles Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Aurora, one year later," July 20

One counter-protester near a ceremony in Aurora, Colo., carried a sign reading "No atrocity/crime trumps my gun rights."

Perhaps I am naive to think that the person carrying that sign might reevaluate his or her attitude toward gun rights if his or her parent, sibling or child had been murdered in that Aurora theater, or at Sandy Hook Elementary School, or at Columbine High School. Or accidentally killed in his or her own home, and with his or her own weapon.

If the sign-bearer did not reevaluate his or her attitude within the context of such a personal tragedy, then I understand why those of us promoting rational regulations controlling access to all types of weapons in this country — including those with a reasonable place only within a military context — are doomed to failure.

Jana K. Shaker


What do you want to bet that the sign-carrier considers him/herself a "right-to-lifer."

right to life my ass pro life

These people are the true pro-lifers: For 200 Hours And Counting, Sit-In At Florida Capitol Demands Stand Your Ground Repeal.

  • Before I ban you for breaking our guidelines, let's get a few things straight.

    They are not "babies," they are cell clusters and fetuses that cannot survive outside the womb. They also have no rights, but the living, breathing woman who has a legal choice about to do with her own body does. Nice try.

    Which points out your own hypocrisy about loving the fetus but ignoring the child. In your warped view, it's okay to shoot children, give them their own guns, deprive them of proper health care and education and assistance should they need it in order to, you know, eat and survive OUTside the womb. Family values? I think not.

    I'd ask you to just think about it... but... we both know you aren't capable.

    Enjoy your banishment!

  • Jason Rowe

    A woman has the right to control her body, and like it or not, that includes abortion. It makes no difference whether a fetus has a heartbeat, or reacts to pain, or any of the other hyperbolic bullsh*t Right to "Life" zealots spew forth, they are NOT a person, and the woman carrying the fetus IS. I don't give a crap whether you can or will "think about it," that's the way it is. RWNJ's can pass all the un-Constitutional abortion bills they want, soon enough they'll be snapped-back to the 19th century, where they belong.

  • hawkmo99

    The only thing funny about any of this is the fact that you call your "right" to slaughter unborn babies off limits to laws protecting babies...and their right to live...then you turn around and use children as your sympathy card to make me feel bad about my right to own and carry a gun? It's funny that you can't see the utter empty-headed hypocrisy in that alone...but for your entire existence is based on hypocrisies.... I'd ask you to just think about it...but...we both know you aren't capable...