Grammar, Can't Live With It, Can't Live Without It


Grammar Nazi

I am the worst at catching my grammatical mistakes. I'm going to blame it on needing new glasses, but the truth is, my eyes and my mind aren't always working in sync. I'm oftentimes using it's when it should be an its and a they're instead of a their. You all know what I mean. And we've all come across that Grammar Nazi whose, or is it who's mission it is to point out the error of our ways.

Thanks to a very clever and entertaining video by my new buddy, Matthew Clark, our mistakes are going to be limited. I hope you'll give it a view. In advance, I will caution those who are easily offended by language that you will find a bit of salty blue lingo but nothing you haven't heard before in parochial school -- by the nuns. If though, you find an image of a Nazi is offensive, (it didn't stop the Soup Nazi from being one of the highest rated Seinfeld's ever), then maybe you should pass on this. It's done for humorous effect, and shouldn't bother anyone, but I feel you should be forewarned.

Please give it a try. You won't be sorry. Not only will you be amused, but next time you're unsure of which/witch one/won you're/your supposed to/too/two use, there/their/they're won't be any more/anymore confusion.