"Things are different now. Haven't you heard?"


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While many on the right are viciously exploiting the Trayvon Martin tragedy by disrespecting the victim and bashing and smearing the president for his attempt to heal and communicate, others are being more thoughtful.

Via the Los Angeles Times letters to the editor, in part:

Since George Zimmerman was acquitted last Saturday on all charges in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, The Times has received more than 250 letters reacting to the verdict and its aftermath. Almost all of the letters have been pointed and earnest, and readers on all sides of the debate have found little to like about the case and its aftermath.

-- Paul Thornton, letters editor

He then posted a few letters, but this is the one stood out to me:

In the South where I grew up, a white man could pick a fight with a black man for no good reason, shoot him dead, claim self-defense and get away with it.

Things are different now. Haven't you heard?

Ronald Webster

Long Beach