Video- On Fox, Brent Bozell Likens Al Sharpton To White Supremacist David Duke


Always classy. Via MM.

  • pattreid

    Man, you need to turn off Fox. You'll believe anything they tell you as long as it justifies your racial hatred.

  • Dennis has been deleted, banned.

  • I'm guessing you watch Fox more than any other channel, judging from these talking points, which, by the way, are not true.

    What "drug habit"?

    And sure GZ got what he wanted. Trayvon is dead. Trayvon got nothing he wanted, including the ability to keep breathing.

    Dennis, you are no longer welcome here.

  • Dennis Lee

    you need to chill out.

    GZ did not get everything he wanted in the case either.

    Photo's in Trayvon's phone of his stolen Jewlery

    Instructions on how to break someone's nose.

    evidence of his drug habit, any why he was suspended from Miami Schools. If he would have been arrested, he would be alive today.
    I'm guessin George Zimmerman wins 10 - 12 Million from MSNBC lawsuit.

  • pattreid

    Show me one case where a 'stand your ground' case ever went 'not guilty' for a black man or woman.

    Personally, I don't give a shit what Al's track record is, I happen to completely agree with the statement he made in this case. I don't have to love the person to like the content of his words.

    Stop thumping your chest and spiking the ball over this case. It will be reviewed. There is already some shit coming out about the jury as well as GZ. The fact that the prosecution was forbidden to say or imply "profiling" handicapped their case. That will become apparent in the review itself. And there WILL be a civil case.

    If you think for a minute that Sanford would not have arrested and charged TM if the roles were exactly reverse, then you know nothing about FL and that neck of the woods.

    Likewise, trial by Fox and talk radio is not valid either. Mark my words: GZ has assaulted in the past, and GZ will kill again. Once again he'll cry that everyone is out to get him. He set it up so that he can kill blacks at will for the rest of his life, claiming he fears for his life. And they gave him back his gun. Trayvon Martin will not be the last death at the hands of George Zimmerman.

  • Dennis Lee

    Just shows your ignorance of the law. Trials by MSNBC do not go very well.
    Al's track record is pretty dismal.
    If the roles were reversed and EVERYTHING in this case was the same. Trayvon would also have been free. The biggest reason being that the Sanford would NOT have brought charges against Trayvon. And Holder certainly would not have brought in outside lawyers to press for a case

  • Dennis Lee

    just study their speeches, not the sound bites.

  • bpollen

    I see... David Duke's rationalization for his bigotry means that Sharpton is a race-baiter. And I am amazed to hear that Sharpton studied under Ku Klux Duke! Please show me where the proof of your revelation about Sharpton studying under Klan leaders exists so I can shove it in the face of those who think racism is bad! Or are you simply making it up? How many other Ku Klux Duke quotes do you have at your Beck and call? Got any Lincoln Rockwell quotes handy?

  • pattreid

    The conversation above sickens me because I happen to agree with Sharpton's position on this trial. In a state where a black woman shot a warning shot into the ceiling to ward off her abusive husband, she is serving 20 years in jail. No one was hit, no one was targeted. In the same state, a white man with a Jewish last name gets out of his car, follows the young man, who feels threatened enough to mention this on his phone call, who is most likely standing HIS ground, and then he's shot dead in the heart, that man walks free on a he-said, he-said, where the 2nd 'he-said' is dead. If you don't think this is declaring open war on blacks, then you are wallowing deep in the realm of white supremacy. In every case of 'standing your ground', the ones who walk free are white. The prosecutor was correct. If Trayvon was left standing, and Zimmerman were dead, Trayvon would be on death row. Prove to us anything different!

  • Dennis Lee

    David Duke once said: "Racial idealism, or racialism, is the idea that a nation's greatest resource is the quality of its people. It means examining all questions of government on the basis of whether the proposed measure is good or bad for our race.
    So in that respect I would agree that Al Sharpton is a race baiting, cancerous growth, that he learned well from David Duke.

  • bpollen

    Al Sharpton is a shameless glory-hound. David Duke is a cancerous growth. I guess it's easy to understand the confusion. You know the old saying: Never let reality dissuade you from your stupid opinion. Way to keep it stupid, Fox!

  • Virginia Adams

    So absurd I forgot what I was going to say. Brent Bo is a lunatic.

  • KansasDem

    I found my reply to that drivel and saved a screenshot (already showing two thumbs down) in case someone wants it but here's what I said,

    "So you're saying the "mud people" just can't be trusted aren't you!

    And "mud" can be black, brown, yellow, or red .............. just never white, huh?

    We all know that white = perfect don't we?"

    I'm so white I'm nearly translucent and I was raised in a racist community in the panhandle of Nebraska in the 60's so I know the 'code'!


  • KansasDem

    Insanity is running rampant:

    I posted a rather inflammatory response but can't find it now.