Jobless claims fall #BlameObama


blame Obama 2

Fox Biz is reporting this, so it must be true, because, as everyone knows, Fox is known for its accuracy. Via an email alert:

The Labor Department reports claims for first-time jobless benefits fell to 334,000 from a downwardly revised 358,000. Economists expected claims to fall to 345,000 from an initially reported 360,000.

At the risk of sounding upbeat, yay! There. I said it.

We have a long way to go, but month after month, there are up arrows on the good ol' Bikini Graph, which is a positive development. I repeat, a positive development. And boyoboy, do we need positive developments these days.

I have nothing more to say. Oh, except... wait for it...


Oh, but I kid the blamers....

  • Anomaly 100

    Oh puh-leaze! Can we get to more important topics like the birth certificate now?