It's Good To Be Attorney General


silly Ken Cuccinelli

Just ask Ken Cuccinelli. Seems when you're boss, you get to make the rules, decide how to interpret those already on the books and if you're running for Governor, how to sidestep them totally.

Bob Lewis, in his HuffPo article announcing the State of Virginia had decided to not press charges against Ken Cuccinelli for late campaign gift reporting has this to say:

RICHMOND, Va. -- Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli won't face charges for failing to promptly report thousands of dollars in personal gifts he received years earlier on his required state economic interest statements.

Richmond Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Herring said Thursday that there's no evidence Cuccinelli committed a crime. Cuccinelli is the Republican candidate for governor.

Cuccinelli omitted more than $13,000 worth of gifts including private jet flights and free vacation lodgings from his required state disclosure forms for a period of four years. He amended his filings from 2009 through 2012 in late April, saying he simply overlooked the gifts earlier.

Cuccinelli asked Herring at the time to examine whether he should be charged with a crime. Deliberately withholding gifts and other financial information on required economic disclosure filings is a misdemeanor.

Look, it's just a little oversight. It's easy when you are getting free money,vacation houses, and private jet flights to be so caught up  in the euphoria of maybe becoming the Commonwealth's next chief crook governor. Let's not get all up in arms over what's simply a misunderstanding. We can trust Virginia's own State Attorney Mike Herring. It's not like he's on the state's payroll. Okay, so he is.  But it's not like he's working with or for the alleged violator, the Cooch.  Oh, he does. Well, he can be trusted to do the right thing for the people of the state. How do I know? He said so. You're not going to doubt an elected officials word are you?

Gold watches

Let's get real here. What's four years late in reporting campaign gifts? That's reasonable, isn't it? It could happen to any of us. Who among us hasn't forgotten when someone gave you thousands in cash? A vacation home? A private jet for you and your family for recreational purposes? It's not like you got a Rolex watch or a shopping spree for your wife.

You can't call Sister Kenny's action intentional, can you? After all, there were far more pressing and urgent matters. Take looking into the legality of forced transvaginal ultrasound -- that was urgent. My goodness, if  the Cooch didn't move quickly to rubber stamp that for buddy Bob "Ultrasound" McDonald, think of all those extra fetuses that might have gotten aborted. He was just making sure there were plenty more additional unwanted mouths to feed with state money by advising it was legal.

Let's call Cooch what he really is-- a hero, not a criminal. We need his kind of leadership and prompt action.

Terry McAuliffe

He may have a weak opponent in Terry McAuliffe, but who needs weak when you can have corrupt?