Corker and Rubio Need Their Mouths Washed Out With Soap


Bob Corker

Shame on you, Bob Corker.

Marco Rubio

You too, Marco Rubio.

Mitch McConnell2

How dare you call your Senate leader's actions Bulls*t. You don't use words like that, and especially when talking  about your minority party's leader.

I don't disagree with Pop Your Corker or with The Rube Rubio, but for another reason. This compromise does nothing for the future threats of filibustering presidential nominees. This compromise only affects the seven presidential appointments awaiting a vote. Not the other 100+. What was the cost of this compromise? Two of the seven choices, both solid and valid, had to be dropped. Way to go, Harry.

Harry Reid

What weak sister Harry Reid did, as he's want to do, is he caved. He gave in on two important appointees, Richard Griffin and Sharon Block, the two NLRB members serving thanks to recess appointments that a D.C. circuit panel later deemed illegal. In return, according to Sen. Lindsey Graham --Mr. Let's Boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics -- was his willingness to offer a return consideration of nominee Craig Becker. Becker, BTW, was the first NLRB nominee that the GOP had filibustered, led by Graham.

Seems the insane asylum is still really being run by the inmates.

So Corker, Rubio, you can be mad. But place your anger in the right place. On Reid. Mitch M got you more than you could or should have had. And the future is still there for you to filibuster. So add my bullsh*t to your chorus, but let's put it where it belongs-- on Harry Reid who had victory snatched from his grip by your minority leader holding out.