VIDEO-- Pa. GOP Chairman: "Photo ID helped a bit" in suppressing votes for Obama


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Back in July 2012, Wisconsin GOP Senator Glenn Grothman said that Voter I.D. laws would help Mitt Romney in a close race.

Romney lost. But Grothman wasn't the only one who said that out loud. Remember this? Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R), June 2012:

It is now July 17, 2013, and Think Progress has video of Pennsylvania’s GOP Chairman Rob Gleason telling Pennsylvania Cable Network earlier this week, the party “cut Obama by 5 percent” in 2012 and “probably Voter ID had helped a bit in that.”

Despite what Republican-run states have been trying to do to disenfranchise voters, there is virtually no voter fraud in America, and the laws target mainly Democratic voters. I've written about this over and over again.

But now that the Voting Rights Act has been gutted, there is an even more concerted GOP effort to suppress the vote, and all those "reinvented, reachy-outy" Republicans can't wait to "help a bit."

  • Patti Kintz

    They care only about themselves and their cronies in crime the 1%. That's it. I think they laugh at the problems of majority of the people in this country. And they go out of their way to make it worse for everyone but their 1% buddies. They are despicable and we will organize and beat them again. Democrats Only 2013, 2014, 2016.

  • Steel Cowboy

    The party who claims to live by the Constitution, which was written by God, pisses on it every chance they get. They continue to go after the rights of citizens across this nation. Voter Suppression, Anti Union, Anti Gay, Attack Women's rights, Right to Work, Filibuster everything to cripple the government ( McConnell even Filibustered himself on the floor of the Senate) What a bunch of Asshats.