"Everybody wants a little piece of that gay money."


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Marriage equality.



Both of those words are as beautiful as they are meaningful. And now they're becoming lucrative, at least for states, businesses, and enterprising people that support them.

Lisa Phillian is one of those people. She is a professional in Southern California's wedding industry, and has been since before it became legal for every consenting adult to marry the one he or she loves.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

"Everybody wants a little piece of that gay money," said Phillian, who has offices in Rosemead and Palm Springs. "It's going to really open up the wedding business." [...]

About 37,000 same-sex couples are expected to marry in California over the next three years, potentially generating $492 million in revenue for businesses, according to the Williams Institute, a think tank at UCLA School of Law that studies lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues.

The state could also get a $40-million infusion from wedding-related tax revenue over the next three years [...]

To market her services, Phillian lists herself on websites such as Equally Wed that target gay couples. Thousands of businesses, including jewelers, videographers and musicians, market themselves to same-sex couples on similar sites.

Phillian is now fielding as many as 25 calls a day from lesbian and gay couples planning to marry, compared with about three a week she used to get for commitment ceremonies.

Now here are some Fun Facts:

  • 86% of gay couples pay for the majority of the wedding themselves, compared with 40% of straight couples.
  • About 37% of same-sex couples walk down the aisle together. 74% of straight couples walk down the aisle with family members.
  • 40% of gay couples plan a more casual and less traditional wedding, as opposed to 16% of straight couples.

Good for relationships, check. Good for businesses, check. Good for California (and other states), check.

So what's the down side of marriage equality again? Oh yeah. There is none.