Where Does the U.S. Stand on Corruption List?


culture of corruption

Down with corruption. We don't allow it here in the US. It's forbidden in our very constitution.

Wait a minute, no it's not. There's nothing about it in our constitution, at all. There's nothing about police corruption. Political corruption, Government corruption. Personal corruption, Economic corruption. Why? Maybe our founding fathers were more like Gordon Gekko than Honest Abe.

Greed is good

Because corruption is considered a part of life, it's a given. If you stop to think about it, corruption is a bi-product of greed. It's the thirst for power, money and control. Without corruption there would be no mob. Politicians would be making laws based on our needs and protections, not on money. Without greed, prices would drop dramatically. New products would be on the market as greed wouldn't be able to stop innovations that might make established products outdated and obsolete.

Take the gas combustion engine for automobiles. Replacements are available -- viable options, but greed by the big auto firms are keeping the latest from us and the government is doing it's best to keeping oil business subsidized and prices artificially high.

Drugs for medical cures are maintained at significantly high prices. Pharmaceutical companies receive government subsidies but no piece of the action for giving exclusive rights to certain medicines. Just recently they rescinded their permission (fortunately) to allow our personal human genomes to be copyrighted by a single company so that to run a particular cancer screening test, only that one company could license the test -- and thus keeping it nearly priced out of reach.

I'm sure you all know about this -- but that's not to say copyrights aren't important. I recently wrote a book. It's copyrighted so that I'll make a few pennies on each sale. I'm not giving it away. But I'm also not prohibitied from selling books by some greedy, artificial law that protects everyone from writing a book. We have to reward creativity. Not say only one place can generate books. The same for medicine, and cars, and cookies. Greed is controlling everything around us. It won't go away with wishful thinking, but being aware of it may cause some attention to be placed on the motives of our corrupt government, our congress, our judicial system and our police. Why do I include the police and justice in this condemnation?

Two words: Private Prisons. Bogus arrests lead to greater numbers of  incarcerations. Greater numbers of detainees leads to inflated police promotions. That leads to higher salaries/pensions which in turn leads to even more money in private prison kickbacks.  A few examples of corruption at it's finest.

World corruptions everywhere

So it was with great interest that I read 24/7 Wall Street's article about the most corrupt countries in the world. Of course you have to consider all kinds of criteria such as population, political composition, public vs. private, etc. Before looking at the list, what countries would you figure made the top  ten?

Anti-corruption nonprofit Transparency International has released its 2013 Global Corruption Barometer, which surveyed residents in 107 countries. The world’s corrupt nations differ in many ways. Four are located in Africa, three in Latin America and two in Asia. One in North America. These nations also vary considerably in size and population. Mongolia has just 3.2 million residents, while Mexico, the US, Nigeria and Russia are three of the largest countries on the globe, each with more than 100 million people. Based on the percentage of surveyed residents that reported corruption in the public sector is a very serious problem, these are the world’s most corrupt nations.

Click here to see the most corrupt countries and their criteria.

If you just want the short list, here it is: In order from top to bottom, (drum roll, please) the top ten corrupt countries of the world are:

Liberia, Mongolia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Paraguay, Russia, Nigeria, Zambia, United States.

Damn, we're only number 10. But we did beat out China, North Korea, Eqypt, Cuba, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, Jordan, Viet Nam, and numbers of other countries that we've looked down upon for so long, even gone to war with. Oh, and while you look at that list, how many of them are considered socialist? Boy the GOP is always telling us about the dangers of socialism.  Not many in the top ten are socialist. Where's that big red menace?

I guess when you have a bought and paid for Congress like ours, you get noticed -- even if only in every other country in the world. They see us for what we are. We see us a bright star. Maybe we should start looking at the crooks who are running our land. Then we can start addressing the real problems.