Video- George Zimmerman's Brother Fears President Obama Is Tapping His Family's Phone


Nah, no racism in that family. And why would PBO give a shit? No wonder the Faux watchers are the stupidest. Via Mediaite.

  • Magginkat

    So the murderer is not satisfied just being acquitted after a cold blooded murder, now he and/or his brother think that Pres. Obama has nothing better to do than listen to their idiot, racist phone calls? This whole family is 'battschitt' crazy.

  • judi

    NOBODY gives a hoot about this genetically ignorant, pathetic, racist, bigoted, poor excuse of an undereducated, attention seeking, bunch of misfits. Family...that is.

  • Patti Kintz

    Well as long as the President gets a court order I don't have any problem with it. Just ask the repubs (and some dems) during shrub's time. They didn't have a problem with tapping phones without a court order. So if zimmerman's brother wants me to feel sorry for him I'll pass.