I'm Confused About the GOP


Brand names

The Republicans, like all brands, stand for something. Rolls Royce - Quality cars. Tiffany - Diamond and silver jewelry. Chanel- Womanly elegance.

So what signal are the Republicans sending?

Bush confused

Right now, according to Wikipedia's list of US state legislatures, 27 are controlled by Republicans, 17 are controlled by Democrats, 5 are split controled and Nebraska alone declares itself officially non-partisan.

In many of the states that the Republicans control, they've passed or are in the midst of passing anti abortion laws and regulations, (many of which are constitutionally questionable). At the same time, these states say they say they are pro-life. But it's these same states that lead the nation in capital punishment. They kill more prisoners than in Democratic run states. Texas prides itself on the number of prisoners it's put to death. Methinks that hardly pro-life. Here's a breakdown of capital punishment executions since 2010:

South 1095
Midwest 157
West 82
Northeast 4

The GOP majority says they are for protecting women's rights, but they force women into invasive medical procedures whether a licensed, practicing physician says it's needed or not. And that cost is passed directly onto the women, not their insurance company. That's not protecting women's rights, it's directly violating and burdening them. Why not have that cost forced onto the man who got these women pregnant in the first place. Oh, wait, that would be burdening men and the GOP can't have that. After all, if a women becomes preggers, it's got to be her fault.

Republicans have always stood for smaller government. Less regulation. But seemingly since they've taken office there are more restrictions on personal rights and limitations passed in Republican lead state houses than in Democratic ones. It's now harder to vote. There's more restrictions on free speech -- hell, women can't even bring tampons to public hearings in Texas for fear of what? One of them might explode? Just don't touch those republican guns.

no tampons

The republican legislatures say they're for job creation. But they take away the protections that are afforded union members. They declare their states as "right to work states" but then remove unions and rescind pensions and totally refuse to increase minimum wages. Abolishing child labor laws are next in their sights.

Security and education are the targets of huge cuts in Republican led states. So by those actions, a sensible person could only draw one conclusion --  the dumbing down of their states is a systematic plan to retain control. And if things get out of hand, the smaller police units will mean you can contract out for private patrols and security companies under their thumb and directives. They'll have more ability to systematically pick on minorities and those who don't believe in their GOP thinking. How far down the road will Marshall Law be for these Republican led states?

So, what is the GOP brand?  If you go by their actions, it can only be: