Sunday Links



I just can't take today.

Successful logo redesign: "nip and tuck"

Top ten: Sweden's all-time hottest women

Loch Ness monster: Geology tries, but doesn't explain mystery

Solar headphones that charge mobiles seek funding

Fool-the-eye video-game door decals

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Can a knee to the spine help ease debilitating back pain?

Six questions that could save your life

How do galaxies fuel up? Hungry infant galaxy offers clues.

A husband who refused to take a dog for a walk and a man wanting a CD of bird songs: The top 10 silliest reasons people call the RSPCA

Fish, other animals, may live in Antarctic lake below 2 miles of ice

Video- Syria crisis: Murder of FSA's Kamal Hamami raises fears

Eminem, Jack White, Motown greats, other stars featured in 'Heart Soul Detroit' museum exhibit

Humans could develop BEAKS like pufferfish because our teeth are 'no longer fit for purpose', claims scientist

A sign of peace rises on the edge of Syria

Video- Aftermath of floods and mudslides in China