GOP threatening to "shut down" Senate? "Through their historic abuse of the filibuster, Republicans already have..."


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Today's Los Angeles Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter. And as you'll see by the follow-up to the letter, we better use those voices in enormous numbers or this country will be in even bigger trouble that it already is:

Re "Senate Democrats threaten filibuster change," July 12

So, the GOP is threatening to "shut down" the Senate if the filibuster rule is tweaked to allow a simple majority to approve executive branch nominations.

Through their historic abuse of the filibuster, Republicans have already shut down the Senate.

As for their threat to use the rule change against a future Democratic minority: With the Republican Party in a demographic death spiral, when will they ever have a Senate majority again?

Jerry Weil

Seal Beach

"With the Republican Party in a demographic death spiral, when will they ever have a Senate majority again?" Sadly, they very well could in 2014 unless we get out the vote in a big way.

As you may have heard, Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer decided not to run for his state's U.S. Senate seat. He was the Democrats' best chance to win, which doesn't bode well for holding onto the seat and maintaining their Senate majority.

Via the Times:

Democrats are facing a difficult political map in 2014. They must defend at least 20 of the 35 Senate seats on the ballot, including five in which the incumbent is retiring.

Montana is one of seven seats on the ballot next year held by a Democrat that was carried in 2012 by Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Republicans are aggressively targeting those and other Democratic-held seats; Democrats have few obvious targets among the current Republican-held seats.

The good news? Senate Dems’ fundraising pace puts them in a strong financial position heading into 2014.

  • Patti Kintz

    It's a stupid point. If repubs ever get control again they will change the filibuster rule faster than you can say the word filibuster. Harry just needs to go nuclear. I think he should do it for judicial nominations too but the Presidential appointees is a good start. So just do it Harry we're with you.

  • GMMI

    And yet libs had no trouble when Hapless, Helpless, Hopeless Harry Reid screamed about the "nuclear option" when he was the Minority Leader. IOW, Hypocrisy on display.

  • Dave Fouchey

    *SIGH* The party of dysfunctional government makes threats to do what they already are doing, color me shocked. /sarc Laffy it would be funny if not such a serious problem.