PhotOH! "New Rule" on #tampongate vs. guns. VIDEO ADDED of Sarah Slamen's Texas star made of wire hangers


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The above New Rule was not actually Bill Maher's; it is a meme and quote created by my pal @SarahBurris.

My dear pal @Anomaly100 explains the back story at FreakOutNation: In Texas guns don’t kill people, tampons do: State troopers confiscating tampons from females in the capitol. Here's a snippet:

State Troopers proceeded to confiscate tampons from females while at the same time guns are allowed.

In Texas, guns don’t kill people, tampons do. Volunteers were rounding up all the tampons throughout the capitol, asking women to surrender their weapons of mass destruction, because State Troopers were confiscating them. So the volunteers were trying to speed up the process because the search took hours.

As a result, many of us on Twitter ran with it:

Okay, who leaked #Tampongate? #WentThere #bygones

So #Tampongate language was inserted into the bill?

@ll_Legit_2_Quit: Doesn't Texas have a concealed carry law?

John W. Ennis ‏@johnennis 12 Jul: Hey #TXLege: If you're so afraid of women throwing tampons at you, perhaps avoid doing things for which you'd expect tampons thrown at you.

I think we've jumped the tampon #Tampongate

@UrquhartMP: TamponNado

I'm going to go out and get me a high capacity tampon. #Tampongate

You get the idea. It was irresistible, but clearly, the topic is serious. However, one way to reach a broader audience is to grab their attention with one-liners and hashtags. A lot of us try to approach it both ways and hope someone out there is listening.

but wait there's more smaller

The wonderfully outspoken Sarah Slamen was just on The Ed Show with Joy-Ann Reid, and I'm doing my best to dig up the video. During the segment, she held up a "Texas star" constructed of coat hangers to make the obvious point.

ADDED: Finally, here it is!

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She has asked that people donate to NARAL and to the Lilith foundation in Texas to help provide transportation and costs for women who will be forced to travel across the state to receive health services: