Video- Fox's Doocy Asks If DC Bill Requiring Walmart To Pay A Living Wage Is "The Death Of Free Enterprise As We Know It"


Doocy is useless. Did you know he "writes" books? Pay the people a living wage so they can come back to your shit store and spend the money. Simple. Via.

  • Squatlo

    Isn't it interesting that the "free market" mantra is so often sung on Faux News, but so poorly understood by the singers. Henry Ford paid his initial workers an extravagant amount (for that time) so that they could become customers of his automobile manufacturing. Walmart (and other sub-wage employers) would see a substantial increase in sales to their own employees, as well as a softening of the negative public opinion directed their way if they would only PAY PEOPLE A LIVING WAGE TO WORK IN THEIR STORES. What a concept.
    Here in Tennessee, full time Walmart employees make up a sizable percentage of our Tenn-Care program. They rely on state/federal health care services because they can't afford the health care "benefits" their own company provides, yet don't make enough money to disqualify themselves from the state's programs.
    No full-time employee should be on the public dole for health care in this country. Those who want to call public health care "socialism" need to explain how it's any different from public education, something we take for granted and happily spend our tax dollars to support, whether we have kids in the system or not.