Two funniest items o' the day, via Rick Perry and McDonald's


laughter is best medicine laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Well, not quite as beneficial as diving into a trough of wine, but almost.

Funny Item Number One, via Taegan:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) said that he will visit Israel in October, "a move that signals to the political world that he is seriously considering making another presidential run in 2016," the Washington Times reports.

Said Perry: "We will be going to Israel to bring together Arabs, Christian and Jews in an educational forum."

Of course, that was unintentionally funny. I mean, really... Rick Perry uttering the words "educational forum" out loud? And crediting himself for anything that could possibly teach anyone anything? It's surprising that he even remembered all three: Arabs, Christians, and... um... ummm... oh yeah, Jews!

He was actually Oopsless. Now that's a gen-yew-wine Texas rib-tickler.

Item Number Two is a video that is as funny as it is informative. McBudgeting:

Yes, McDonald's agrees: $15 per hour is what their employees need!

Via Low Pay is Not Okay:

McDonald’s built a web site to “help” their employees make a budget. It’s… unbelievable.

Press play and share far and wide.

McDonald's McBudgeting

  • Patti Kimble

    I agree wholeheartedly. Sometimes crying can be therapeutic, but laughing is so much better.

  • I'm fed up too, Patti, but you know...GottaLaff or you cry. It's not easy these days.

  • Patti Kimble

    I'm glad you still have your funny bone. The corporatization of American corporations and religiosity of the right is about send me over the edge. Keep up the good work. Thanks for tickling our funny bones.

  • Kasha Knish

    Good catch, Linda1961...

    As for me, when I taught school and I guess in "real life", I always put religious groups in order of founding.

    I used to think it would be a good way to do this. But, poor, Rick Perry would have to say "Jews, Christians and Muslims". Nothing like becoming a ham sandwich stuck in the middle of those who follow Old Testament dietary law.

  • Linda1961

    Perry still got it wrong - Arabs are not part of a religion, like Christians and Jews are. He probably meant Muslims, but makes the mistake of equating Arabs with Muslims. Most Arabs are Muslims, but some are Christians.

  • RingoDeathStarr

    Maybe good ol' boy Rick will whip up some Texas-style pulled pork for the occasion.

  • 42bkdodgr

    Perry needs to learn how to say oops in Hebrew.