This Makes Me Sick


baby pigs

I can't believe it. This has got to be a plot.  I love bacon and now I'm getting scared.

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Migrates To U.S.

One  of my greatest pleasures is to make my Sunday family meal.  We usually have about ten people.  It's an event.  The meals run four or five courses, include all types of fresh ingredients, fish, meat, poultry, vegitables.  But most importantly, there's never been a meal that at least one of the dishes didn't include God's gift to cooking, bacon.

That up to now perfect food, is what chef's across the world, well, sans the Muslim world, find as their go-to ingredient.  When in doubt, add bacon.  Now this.

bacon on a plate

Did you know that each year in the U.S. alone, more than 1.7 billion lbs. of bacon are consumed in food service?  That's more than 5 1/2 lbs per person.

I say forget immigration.  Forget voters rights.  Forget gun control.  Dear Congress, fix the bacon crisis or you'll really have a riot, or worse, pork grease on your hands.  Don't be surprised if your inactivity addressing this matter doesn't result in your suddenly getting pork chops, port loins, or even diseased strips of maple or smoke flavored port bellies in your mail.  Forget Racine.  You've got bigger strips of bacon to fry.

The word 'epidemic' is the operative one here.  The food service industry could be forced to shut down.  No Alfredo sauce.  No BLT's. No bacon cheeseburger. No bacon and eggs.  If you can show me one thing more important than saving our favorite animal raised to be slaughtered, go ahead.  And don't say chicken.  Even chicken tastes better wrapped in Bacon.

Bacon wrapped chicken

Thank goodness we didn't pass a farm subsidy bill last week.  We wouldn't have had money in it for scientific research to save the swine.  No we can add that funding and you'll find Republicans and Democrats in nonpartisan voting, approving the bill. Maybe even unanimous consent.

And this isn't just a problem in the US.  It's worldwide because we didn't catch it earlier.

The Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, also known as PED, was thought to exist only in Europe and China, but Colorado and 14 other states began reporting the virus in April, and officials confirmed its presence in May. The virus causes severe diarrhea, vomiting and severe dehydration in pigs.

The virus has been confirmed in about 200 hog facilities in 14 other states including Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota, according to the American Association of Swine Veterinarians.

Veterinarians, scientists and animal lovers everywhere, please help.  The life you save today, may be the bacon on your plate tomorrow.  Don't let porcine diarrhea virus do to us what the swing flu did.  Put your efforts to good use.  And if there's any doubt to the urgency, consider this (as well as a sure Nobel Prize in Medicine):

Becton said the disease can spread quickly and has killed entire populations of pigs under 7 days old.

"As they get older, by the time they're weaned at around 3 weeks of age, death loss can be around 80 percent or in severe cases upwards of 100 percent.