"et cetera, et cetera"



As many of you know, I've recently written a humorous memoir which, within a few days of release, reached #1 ranking on Amazon's Biographies & Memoirs list and a quite respectable #8 on the humor list. It's called HOLLYWOOD HUCKSTER - A Memoir of Hysterical Proportions.


As of next week, the book will be out in print version. If you can't wait, it's already you can always grab an eBook copy. Because of this very exciting feat, I've been asked to do a few speaking engagements, to promote the book.Yikes, I'm a writer, not a performer. And just thinking about it gives me clammy hands, wet pits, and perspiration flowing from my brow more profusely than Niagara Falls.

So I decided to do some homework, study what makes for a strong presentation.

Humor. Check.

Entertainment. Check.

But what about content? Well...

Fortunately, on TED, I found  "It's Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics." It's a 'how to' for making a strong, no, make that the strongest presentation possible. How? Using the scientific method-- metrics. Utilizing the most popular words and phrases from the internet, you simply connect the dots.

This video will assure you that your next blog, speech, or sales presentation will zoom you through the roof. So enjoy and discover the keys to success and communications.  If you can, do it while thinking about how French coffee will spread happiness in our brains, etc. etc. (you'll understand that last part after viewing).

I hope you enjoyed this video, et cetera, et cetera. See, I said it again for more impact.