Conservatives' concept of "'liberty' requires being able to control the personal lives of others."


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Today's Los Angeles Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Catholic bishops cry wolf," Editorial, July 8

Conservatives and progressives hold conflicting conceptions of liberty.

For conservatives, liberty has meant being free to dominate or control others. For progressives, liberty has meant liberation from others' control.

Edmund Burke, the archetypal conservative, viewed English "liberty" as including a hierarchical, hereditary monarchy and aristocracy. In the post-Civil War period in the U.S., Southern conservatives viewed maintaining laws that favored whites as part of their liberty.

Today, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops views same-sex marriage and access to contraception as an assault on the church's "liberty." Their "liberty" requires being able to control the personal lives of others.

That won't do.

Roger Carasso

Los Angeles

  • bpollen

    The liberty of Catholic bishops is not under threat. If they don't like gay marriage, then they are free to not marry guys (besides the fact that they aren't allowed to marry anybody.) If they don't like contraception, they are free to refrain from using condoms.
    And you would think that a Bishop would understand that the church doesn't perform marriages, it performs weddings. And, while the bible says be fruitful and multiply, it doesn't say it must be exponential, or that you must conceive as often as is possible. The Catholic Church - you can't live with them, and you can't.... well, you just can't live with them.

  • Patti Kimble

    I was raised Catholic and remember when my step-mother, after 2 more children which brought the household to 9, was told by her doctor he wanted to put her on birth control pills because it wouldn't be safe for her, or expedient, to have any more children. She anguished over this decision because she knew it wouldn't be safe to have any more children than the 7 she was not responsible for. We were a yours, mine and ours family. She finally decided the her doctor was right because another pregnancy could kill her. She didn't want to be a baby machine like some women seem to relish. Unlike me, my parents remained Catholics all their lives, but they were forced to maintain a secret because the church would not understand or allow. That was 50 yrs ago, and these men cannot evolve; I don't get it!