Yowsers, Y'all


Rick Perry, not a Homo

Oh, c'mon, Cowpoke, Rick. You can't be serious. Only someone with a grudge could be so cold hearted, biggoted, and out of his mind. You have some pretty outrageous stands on many issues, but there's almost a sense that you believe in what you're saying, when you can remember what that is. Forget those three cabinet posts you'd do away with.  It's the one that you might add that scares me and a lot of others.

What the hell is the new proposed cabinet post on Anti-Gay Activities? Are your serious, Cowboy? Jingle your spurs, grab your reins and settle down to a trot, big boy. You got some little doggies to do some 'splainin' about.

Rick Perry's long reign as governor of Texas is ending and he's considering a run for president. (How did that work out for you last time, Rick?) Here's some things America will be remembering when you start out on the journey for the 2016 nomination.You have long been one of the most vocally anti-gay governors and political figures in American history. The cream rises to the top -- depending on the cream.

In 2003, you lambasted the U.S. Supreme Court for striking down the Texas sodomy ban, and all sodomy bans in the states, calling the court "nine oligarchs in robes." How enlightened for a man who thinks we provide too much public education, health benefits and food subsidies for the poor. You're also a man who doesn't want a path to legal citizenship for immigrants despite your state's huge numbers of undocumented residents. I guess you're no stranger to taking an unpopular cowboy stance.


In 2005, as governor, you championed a draconian constitutional ban on gay marriage and civil unions in Texas, and signed it into law in a ceremony held in a church.  Nothing like blurring the lines between church and state.

During your 2012 presidential run you had the audacity to cruelly tell a 14-year-old bisexual girl on the campaign trail that gays shouldn't serve in the military because "homosexuality is a sin," and he demeaned gay service members in a political attack ad that which became the most parodied ad of the election season.

Only someone with a grudge or something to hide would go to all those extremes to hurt god-loving, honest, hardworking people. Are you gay? Are you trying to hide it with this smokescreen? You wouldn't be the first. Rock Hudson, Liberace,  Ken Melman, Lance Bass,  Ricky Martin, Richard Chamberlain, and Cheyenne Jackson. They all went through stages of public denial before admitting the truth.  Nobody cared. It didn't matter. But lying about it left a bad taste in the public's mouth. So do you have something to tell us?

Ordinarily, I'd say you should give up a presidential run with a stand like that, and kiss your ass goodbye. But two things -- you'd have to take your head out of your ass first, and kissing it might turn you on. Not a picture America  wants to see.