VIDEO- Bye-bye women's rights: "If you live where the Republican party is in control now, right now, this is your life."


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So much for reaching out to women in the GOP's increasingly unsuccessful attempts to rebrand the party:

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Rachel Maddow:

Where Republicans have taken the reins of state power across the country, they have used it single-mindedly to shut down women's health clinics just since the last election.

And it is not like we didn't have a national fight about this issue in that election. I mean, for their national ticket in 2012, Republicans picked an anti-abortion hard-liner ticket, a vice presidential contender who said he would even force a rape victims to bear a rapist's child against their will. And a presidential contender who, for his part, pledged frequently to end Planned Parenthood. Said he would cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood, he would end it.

He said he would overturn Roe v. Wade. That's what he hoped for. The Democrats responded to the Republicans' initiatives by  stepping up their support for women's rights....

...In the Republican/Democratic general election races all over the country, saying that Democrats would be the ones to defend women's rights and the abilities to decide their own pregnancies without the government. Democrats warning across the country that a vote for Republicans would be a vote to ban abortion in this country...

Republicans lost the last election nationally really badly. They lost the white house really badly. They lost seats in the Senate. They lost seats in the House. Nationally, in the last election, Republicans lost and Democrats won.

But, national isn't everything. And if Republicans are in control in your state, this is what they have decided to do with state governance now.

Since that election, that is what they have decided state governance is for now. If you live where the Republican party is in control now, right now, this is your life.

Iknow its not a beltway story, doesn't feel like a national story because nobody adds up what happens in the individual states to see how it affects American women, to see how it affects American rights in an aggregate sense, that's not the way we do beltway reporting in this country, but this is a national story that is significant in terms of the way it's going to affect women's health, women's lives, and American families for generations to come.

This is the national story.