"Last time I looked Bill Clinton wasn't passing bill after bill requiring women to have implements shoved up their vaginas"


stay classy

This is how CongressClown Tim Huelskamp shows his respect for the office of the presidency:

tweet huelskamp clinton immigration reform obama

This is how a pal of mine responded to an elected official like Huelskamp who has no business holding office or representing anyone with a functioning brain (who the hell voted for this vile excuse for a human being?):

tweet huelskamp clinton immigration reform obama tiedrich reply

It's one thing for Republicans to repeatedly put their tone deafness on display by doing everything they can to undermine meaningful immigration reform, thus completely contradicting their self-proclaimed "makeover."

It's quite another to express opposition by scraping the bottom of the deepest barrel one can imagine by spewing disgraceful messages about the president(s) of the United States.

  • Jason Rowe

    Tone-deafness implies they are trying to get the tune, but can't; They're not. The GOP has effectively purged all sanity from their party. Kudos!

  • Frances R

    Rep. Huelskamp is a jack ass. Sadly, he is one of many asshats blowing hot air in DC.