Conservatives: Legislation = bad! "Tea-party logic simply regards the existence of compromise as disqualifying."


i hate everything

This Jonathan Chait New York Magazine article, "Conservatives Hate All Legislation Now," reminded me of the old Life Cereal commercial in which little Mikey hates everything. Mikey, you've met your match:

One of the novel developments in conservative thought during the Obama years is a burgeoning hatred not merely for government but for lawmaking. Before the Obama era, the ends of crafting laws divided the parties, but the means did not. The process of corralling votes, placating hold-outs, and hammering out compromises was not something either side especially loved -- you've heard the classic line about watching the sausage get made -- but also not something that one side disliked more than the other. But a hatred for lawmaking has emerged in the Obama years, first as a Republican tactic, and then as an apparently genuine belief system. [...]

But tea-party logic simply regards the existence of compromise as disqualifying. The moral purity of opposition has become untethered from any political or policy objective, and appears to have sprouted into an actual freestanding principle [...]

[T]he hatred for legislating has gained a strong enough hold over the conservative mind as to render them unable to consider the merits of any bill at all.

And we thought baby Mikey was obstinate and poo-pooey? He's got nothin' on conservatives.

Without some ability to move on projects, enact legislation, reverse climate change, build up our crumbling infrastructure, educate and care for all Americans, make voting rights a given instead of some unattainable dream, treat immigrants as the caring people they are and women, gay Americans, and minorities as equals, this country will deteriorate faster than you can say What the frack? And I do mean frack.

So conservatives, which is it? Your hatred for lawmaking, or your so-called love for your country?

Waiiit a minute. Wait. A. Minute! Mikey's all grown up now. Who's to say he's not one of our current-- Dun dun dun-n-n!-- Republican Congress members?

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