Video, Photo: ‘White History Month’ Parade Sign Offends In North Carolina Town


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Man, NC is hitting the bottom of the barrel these days. h/t TPM.

HOPE MILLS, N.C. -The Hope Mills Fourth of July parade is drawing criticism after an entry had racist overtones.

According to parade watchers and photos, at least two tractors had big Confederate battle flags behind them. One tractor was also pulling a trailer of watermelons.

A sign on the trailer read, "White History Month" followed by, "HUG WTE PPL."

Some parade watchers said they were not bothered by other signs on other tractors that read, "I didn't vote for Obama" and "God loves rednecks."

Kenny Bullock, Director of Parks and Recreation for Hope Mills, is responsible for organizing the parade. He said he received complaints about the signs. Mayor Jackie Warner, and town Commissioners Jerry Legge and Pat Edwards said they also received complaints. The town's other elected officials could not be reached Friday.