Bikini Graph time! "Not only good news, but unexpectedly good news": Job growth improves, exceeds expectations


bikini itsy bitsy

It’s time to bring back the Bikini Graph! As always, red columns point to monthly job totals under the Bush administration, while blue columns point to job totals under the Obama administration:

bikini graph private sector July 2013 bikini graph overall July 2013

Wait, what? The blue bars still are still pointing UP. Imagine that.

Via Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog, where there’s more:

[T]he new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows not only good news, but unexpectedly good news.

The U.S. economy added a better-than-expected 195,000 jobs in June and employment gains for May and April were revised sharply higher, the U.S. government said Friday. The unemployment rate was unchanged at 7.6%, but the size of the labor force increased by 177,000, according to the Labor Department said.

As is usually the case, there was a gap between the two major sectors -- America's private sector added 202,000 jobs last month, while spending cuts caused the public sector shed 7,000 jobs.

Yes, once again, thanks to Republican union-haters-slash-privatization-lovers, we're losing pubic sector jobs that, had they grown the way the Dems wanted them to via more stimulus, the unemployment rate would have plunged.

But Benen does come up with additional upbeat news anyway-- Hide your ears, GOP!-- that "the most important -- and most heartening -- detail in this new report is the upward revisions for the previous two months; the period from April through June is the best we've seen since early 2012."

He goes on to note that for the first half of 2013, we has added 1.21 jobs overall, and 1.23 million in the private sector.

To quote, Benen, that's "not too shabby."

  • We've added 7.2 million private sector jobs in the last 3 years and four months. That's a decent number of jobs.. and the highest number of new private sector jobs in any three year period for the past 13 years. If only the Republicans actually cared about the American people and hadn't tried to do whatever they could to destroy Obama's presidency by refusing to support economic recovery.

  • Here's another perspective on the same data...

    Private sector jobs in numbers from early 2008 until now. The blue line represents original numbers; the green line represents revised numbers.

  • mellowjohn

    unfortunately, a large part of those "shed" public sector jobs include over 850 chicago public school teachers and other staff – thanks to our allegedly democratic mayor, rahm emanuel.

  • Frances R

    The sequester keeps rolling along. Hey, Speaker Boehner, where are those jobs?