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Dear Everyone,

I thought I better pop up a quick note explaining my absence over the past few days.

I just had a physical, and it went pretty well, with one test needing a redo in a couple of months, so for now at least, all is well.

But the day after my physical, my shoulder and right hand became inexplicably painful, some kind of muscle strain, since it only occurs in certain positions. I can't attribute it to anything I did specifically, nor has it been responding to treatment.

I assume that it's from a combination of extreme stress building over the past couple of years due to my dad's illness and recent passing, along with pushing myself too hard. So I've forced myself to pop some muscle relaxers and stay off Mr. Computer until I can see some improvement.

I'm a total wimp, so the meds put me right to sleep during the day, but I am seeing minimal improvement, so I want to keep this up for a few more days.

There could be a million reasons for this, so to all you caring, sweet, pals of mine who love armchair diagnosing on Twitter, please don't feel you have to in this case (although I truly appreciate it). I have the finest doctors for that, and I do, despite my goofy pseudonym, have a lot of common sense and experience with this kind of pain, plus I've worked in doctors' offices and lived with Dr. Dad and his doctor friends for my entire life. I should get an honorary M.D. by osmosis.

For now, I'll be M.I.A. until I see a real change or until my doctors tell me to STFU and get back to work.

Until then, thank you for all your positive, kind words here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Please note: On Twitter, my LaffyBot will continue to automatically tweet "Miss This?" links to our TPC blog posts. Our Facebook page also has them up.

I'll check in from time to time when I am not comatose.

And please be good to Paddy and David whose posts are wonderful, thoughtful, hilarious, goofy, informative, and appropriately defiant when called for.

Your readership matters, so keep it up!

And I hope you all had a happy, safe Fourth! See you asap!



i love you so much