Fascinating Divorce Facts, 2012



We're just past the mid-year break of 2013 and finally many studies done about last year are completed and published. It takes time to get all the statistics in order and we wouldn't want to rush to judgement about 2012 -- especially when it comes to something as significant as divorce.

Thanks to the good folks at HuffPo, there's a list out which may be eye-opening, especially if your married or in a strong relationship. And if not, you'll find it a great cautionary set of guidelines which may help judge what you think is a happy relationship. The official list of most fascinating divorce findings of 2012.

Couples Who Share Housework Are More Likely To Divorce

Splitting chores could lead to divorce? According to a Norwegian study released in August 2012, the divorce rate among couples who divvy up household chores is roughly 50 percent higher than for those in which the wife handles the housework.

So, gentlemen, stop doing the dishes, the vacuuming and folding the laundry.  It could be sounding the death knell for your happy marriage.  Evidently t's better to be nagged to do these things than actually do them.

Divorce Could Be In A Woman's Genes

In February 2012, Swedish scientists released a study suggesting that a specific gene may explain why some women have a hard time committing, or staying committed, should they marry. The researchers found that women who possessed a variation of the oxytocin receptor gene known as A-allele were less likely to get married due to difficulty bonding with other people.

Oh, pheww.  See, I always said it's the woman's fault.  So it's the Oxytocin -- oh, wait, I read that wrong.  I thought it said Oxycontin and I was thinking... well, forget what I was thinking.  Who the hell ever heard of Oxytocin.  Certainly not my dealer.

A Close Relationship With Your In-Laws May Change Your Divorce Odds

In November 2012, a 26-year longitudinal study released by the University of Michigan found that when a husband reported having a close relationship with his wife's parents, the couple's risk of divorce decreased by 20 percent. On the other hand, when a wife reported having a close relationship with her husband's parents, the couple's risk of divorce increased by 20 percent.

Guys, keep your wives away from your mothers if you know what's good for you.  Your mother-in-law is okay, but your wife's isn't.

Men Who Cheat Are More Likely To Have Heart Attacks

According to a study released in May 2012 by the University of Florence, “sudden coital death” is more common when a man is engaging in extramarital sex in an unfamiliar setting than when he's having sex with his spouse at home. The researchers found that infidelity outside the home was associated with "a higher risk of major cardiovascular event," including fatal heart attacks.

Ladies, now you have even more to worry about if the old man's ticker goes haywire.  Was he cheating on you?  And holy S*** guys, was it worth it?

Women Close To Divorcing Tend To Work More Hours

In November 2012, the European Economic Review released a study that revealed women who clock an extra 12 minutes per week face a 1 percent increase in the risk of a marital breakdown.

Okay, fellas, start putting your wife on the clock.  If you see she's spending more time on projects at work, you better start looking for a new place to live.  You gentlemen, are seemingly on borrowed time.