VIDEO– The trials and tribulations of Va. Gov. “Ultrasound” McDonnell and other embarrassing Republican politicians


bob mcdonnell stretch hummer limo

Rachel Maddow had a field day reporting on the many embarrassing Republican politicians and the humiliating quotes that they pour forth on a regular basis with no apparent self-awareness. And one of the most entertaining moments of her segment was when she revealed Jeb Bush's endorsement of one of them. This is a must-watch video.

Then she went into gasp-worthy detail about Governor Bob "Ultrasound" McDonnell's ongoing scandal. I've posted about that often here (scroll). As you may or may not recall, a grand jury was empaneled to investigate him, and his method of dealing with that was dodging questions.

Now we can add a "stretch Hummer limo" to Governor Ultrasound's list of alleged unethical-and-probably-illegal gifts. To quote movie star and fellow politician Rick Perry, "Oops."

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Rachel Maddow:

In the midst of this daily humiliation in the state of Virginia, one Virginia State Senator is calling on Governor Bob McDonnell to resign the governorship. Sen. Chapman Peterson says, "The substance of these reports give the strong impression that your family was materially and systemically benefited by this person and his company. In return it appears that you allowed this person to use the governor's mansion and the governor's office for the purpose of giving unique credibility to his company."

The letter then says if the governor cannot clear this matter up, he should resign.

Governor McDonnell's beleaguered spokesman has responded to this letter today with a slap, saying, "This blatantly political statement from Senator Peterson was not unexpected." The spokesman then went on to say, "The governor has been diligent over the years in making his financial disclosures."

Actually Governor McDonnell still hasn't even disclosed the watch.

The rules say he has to disclose any gift over 50 bucks. You know what? That Rolex was over 6,000 bucks and he still hasn't disclosed that he got it as a gift. And he's not talking about it. And this probably cannot go on like this for very much longer, can it?

Looks like that GOP reinvention isn't quite working out the way they'd hoped.

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